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Entered by relies on December 29, 2001 at 12:41:08:

Dying in the heat of blackened snowing clouds
Not a head can hear me cry : my mind is sore
When the cricket cries to celebrate the times
Crows shall tell there`s time no more

We`ve been made so sure the life is short
When the world is dead so where to live?
Useless matches spent to light the screen
Drousy room of icy headache dreams

We have been deceived - yet it won`t change
Just the spring will bring the freeze of sunny days
There`s nowhere to go, nowhere to escape
And the sun will drown in squeezing swamps

S`what to roll about - the time is up
I am all alone - again again
Till the tune grows old and no-one`round
This will all take straight to useless hell

Will there be a break to other worlds?
Would there be a wonder to live through?
Hopes shall never die at rotted throats
I shall find the way to get to You.


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